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  App Documentation

(The documentation is being written)

Here you will find useful information for the installation and configuration of Placido-Shop.
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  How to translate Placido-Shop interfaces

Translating the public and private interfaces is very simple,
download the en.txt file, you will then have the English translation of your interfaces.
Copy it and rename it with the 2-letter language code of the language to be translated
ex.: es.txt to make a Spanish translation.
Then translate what is below the keys-codes of the translation, frame each key and each translation by:

 *** my_translation_key_for_something ***   Mi clave de traducci√≥n para algo  
 <<< You can insert (& multilines) comments like this, this will not be interpreted >>>  

Thank you for respecting this standard,
place this at the top of the page :

 <<< [FRONT/BACK] INTERFACE LANG : [ name of the language in english ] ex.: french CODE LANG : [ 2-character language code ] ex.: fr AUTHOR : [ Enter your name to enter the legend ] ex.: Raf VERSION : [ Enter the version number following the 3-digit convention ] ex.: 1.0.0 >>>  

- Once the translation is finished, download it in the right folder :
translate in the root for the public translation.
[your_administration_folder]/tanslate for the translation of the private part of the site.

  Don't forget to send it to us so that the whole community can enjoy it!