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  App Documentation

(The documentation is being written)

Here you will find useful information for the installation and configuration of Placido-Shop.
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  What data do we collect

We collect data about you only when you :
- Check for updates.
- You run an update.
- You install a translation for the application.

The data collected is for each of these actions :
- Your Placido-Shop token, if you have one.
- The domain name that runs the application.
- The version of the application you are using.

  We do not collect any other data of any kind.

  This data is collected primarily to ensure the safety of the users of the application.
Indeed, if you have a license, we can link your domain name to your user account.
In the event of a problem, a bug to be corrected quickly, we would be able to warn you.

We would also like to know if the licensing system is viable.

And if the updates are well followed.

  When you have an account on the Placido-Shop site, the data collected during updates are communicated to you.

Understand that our intentions are the best and our goal is to provide you with reliable software.
We do not resell or give away any data about you or your website.

  You have the option of not sending any data to Placido-Shop by deleting the Auto-Update folder in "MODULES/Auto-Update".
When you delete this folder, the automatic update of the application is no longer possible and your site no longer sends any data to Placido-Shop.