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Become a sponsor of the application and you will have your logo (200x200px)
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in addition to our warm thanks!

Hurry ! We only reserve 10 places for our sponsors.

- How to become a sponsor ?

To become a sponsor of Placido-Shop, nothing could be simpler :
You just have to Contact us and make us an offer.

Your logo, included in a link to your website will be displayed on the home page of Placido-Shop site.

You will be among the 10 selected sponsors, this applies for one year.

Sponsor logos will be placed in a row from left to right and
will be ranked by amount donated.
- It's up to you to make the best bid !

As we cannot collect donations because we are based in France,
we will send you an invoice for "rental of an advertising space on our website" an amount corresponding to your contribution.

We need your support, do not hesitate to Contact us.

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