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Mandatory information:

Responsible for publication, creation of the website : Raphaël Castello
This site is hosted in France in Clermont-Ferrand in France by o2switch

Data Protection and Retention Notice:

When you contact the administrators of the website or create an account on the site:
Information you provide in form fields (name, e-mail, telephone, etc ...) are recorded in a secure database of which the owner of the site is the sole recipient and operator of this data.
These data are neither transferred nor resold to / nor used by third parties. Only the owner of the site can access / or modify this data. And this for an indefinite period.

You can at any time request the modification or deletion of this data by doing the request in writing, by post, or by e-mail in click here

For your request by post, please send your mail to this address:

SNS - Web et Informatique,
Castello Raphaël
5, avenue des gorges du Tarn
12150 Sévérac d'Aveyron France.
(Specify the e-mail address and/or your name so that we can delete/modify your data)

Javascript and your hardware:

In order to be able to exploit the full potential of this website you should not deactivate the javaScript language in your internet browser.

Safety, Disclaimer:

This website accepts no responsibility for failures or various and varied malfunctions that could occur on your material during its consultation.
You must have up-to-date digital equipment, free of viruses or malfunctions.
This site uses the HTTPS protocol (Hypertext-Transfer-Protocol-Secure).
"It theoretically guarantees confidentiality and the integrity of the data sent by the user (including information entered in forms) and received from the server." (Wikipedia)

Payment, Disclaimer:

Your bank details (card number, expiry date, CCV) are not saved.
Payment is highly secure (3D Secure) and guaranteed by our world-renowned service provider.
Your payment information is encrypted end-to-end, we never know about it.

Energy consumption information:

This website has been designed to minimize its energy consumption.
Wherever possible, the developer has deliberately chosen methods of programming aimed at reducing its electricity consumption as well as the volume of data consumed.

We would like to acknowledge and extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributes to open-source and the libraries we use every day.
Here is the list of languages ​​and libraries used by Placido-Shop.

This program uses the following Open-Source technologies:

The beautiful background images of the application
Dorsa Masghati See the website of Dorsa Masghati
JavaScript : Brendan Eich JavaScript
TouchSwipe : Matt Bryson TouchSwipe-Jquery-Plugin
Mustache JS : mustache.js
jQuery-Mustache : John Reeves jquery-Mustache
Swiper JS : nolimits4web Swiper
toastr : John Papa, Tim Ferrell, Hans Fjällemark toastr
Chart.js : All contributors Chart.js
JSON : Douglas Crockford JavaScript Object Notation
Mustache (PHP) : Mustache
PHP : Rasmus Lerdorf
PHPMailer : PHPMailer
JShrink : Robert Hafner JShrink
A customized version of W3.CSS Jan Egil, Borge Refsnes (W3.css - without w3-tag) custom.css
Animate.css : Daniel Eden and friends Animate.css
Font Awesome icons : Font Awesome
Commonly used fonts :
"Open Sans" : Designed by Steve Matteson
"Roboto" : Designed by Christian Robertson
Placido-Shop framework : Raphaël Castello Placido-Shop
whose architecture was inspired by Chagry Server-RPC-Framework
Governance of the application on Vote mobile -> Group: Placido-Shop
Everyone is welcome !