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  Why do I need to acquire a license to use Placido-Shop on a production site ?

We ask you to pay a license of $5 per year for each domain name
where you will use Placido-Shop in production.

You will have understood that this sum will be used to finance the development of the application.
We cannot assume the development of Placido-Shop only on our own funds and on our free time.
Also, in the near future,
this license will allow you to automatically receive application updates.

We need additional forces and Open-Source cannot live on love and fresh water
(French expression)
You can also contribute to the development of the application,
everyone is welcome !

  We draw your attention to the fact that we will not receive the full amount.
Indeed Stripe, our payment system charges fees which are as follows:

- For European cards: 1.4% (of the amount) + €0.25
- For maps of Great Britain: 2.5% + $0.25
- For international cards: 2.9% + $0.25

For example,
for a license subscription with international payment,
we will receive:

$5 - ( ($5x2.9%) + $0.25 ) = $4.60

But we will also have to pay taxes on payments received in the French state.
- Currently we have to pay 25% tax on payments received.
In the end we will actually perceive:
$4.60 - ($4.60x25%) = $3.45

We believe that these detailed explanations are necessary in order
to fully understand the reality of the sums collected.

And crowdfunding ?

- Crowdfunding is prohibited in France ( where we are based ) for companies,
a company cannot raise funds without making sales or offering services.

- Become a sponsor of Placido-Shop !

Become a sponsor of the application and you will have your logo (200x200px) + a link to your website on the home page of the Placido-Shop site,
in addition to our warm thanks!

- Hurry, we only reserve 10 places for our sponsors.

Learn more about how to become a sponsor of Placido-Shop.